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Weddings are exciting and sometimes stressful events, so it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of the festivities. To make the most of your Okanagan Wedding, Vance Creek Hotel & Conference Centre suggests a few tricks for planning a worry-free wedding, so that you can enjoy the wedding you’ve been waiting for.

1. Plan in Advance

Although many brides wait until the last minute to complete their plans, you’ll have a better wedding ceremony and reception experience by planning early. The first decision is the date. After choosing the day to say “I do,” couples usually choose their venue.

At the Chilcoot Conference Centre at Vance Creek, we can accommodate up to 350 wedding guests for a wedding celebration.  The Arbour on the deck of the Vance Creek Hotel offers a beautiful view of the Monashee Mountains and the picturesque village of Silver Star Mountain Resort.  Other ceremony choices at our resort are  the Gazebo, The Landing or the Winter Meadow. By booking with Vance Creek Hotel & Conference Centre, you’ll be able to check this important detail off your to-do list so you’ll know that this part of the planning process is taken care of.

2. Stay Organized

Even if you’re unable to plan too far in advance, staying organized can be helpful in keeping you from being stressed. It’s helpful if you set a budget when you begin planning so you can keep up with the expenses as you begin to buy items and reserve vendors. At Vance Creek Hotel & Conference Centre we offer a variety of wedding packages for every type of budget.

Couples who choose one of our packages always feel more confident going into their wedding day because they know the details have been taken care of.  From ministers and music to photography and dessert, we can assist with a list of suppliers.

3. Ask for Help

Many brides believe that they are up to the task of planning an Okanagan wedding all on their own, but that is a challenge for brides who don’t live in the Okanagan Valley. Our wedding team can help guide you from the very first phone call and they’ll be right by your side to answer questions and make sure everything goes smoothly until the end of your big day.

4. Decide as a Couple

Sit down together and decide what you want as a couple. By doing this, the other three tricks we’ve offered will be much easier. Knowing what you want will make decisions easier and the two of you will be able to create the experience you dreamed of ~ together.

Now that you have all the tricks to planning a worry-free Okanagan Wedding it’s time to make it happen!

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